Replacement Cards


Misplaced a card? Crazy game of 52-pickup? Toddler lovingly added marker details to your last set? It’s okay!

We happen to have 30 boxless decks of Pack A left over from our first printing. So as long as supplies last, you can order replacement cards for ones you lost before.

Ask nicely, and we’ll even autograph them for you. 🦋

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Pack A - First Edition

Abandoned, Addicted, Adorable, Aether, Amphibious, Animal, Artificial, Artist, Assassin, Atlantis, Awake, Beyonder, Bioluminescent, Blood, Bodyguard, Bug, Bureaucrat, Camouflaged, Caste, Catalyst, Cave, Change of Heart, Chaos, Chlorophyll, Clay, Clone, Coastal, Coffinmaker, Cyborg, Data, Debtor, Desert, Dream, Dust Bowl, Dying, Epiphyte, Eroded, Ex, Experiment, Explorer, Familiar, Feathers, Festering, Fire, Floating, Fool, Fractals, Frenemy, Fungus, Fuzzy, Gatekeeper, Gem & Crystal, Ghost, Ghost Limb, Godparent, Graveyard, Guilty, Healer, Heir, Hibernates, Hive, Humid, Hungry, Hunter, Ice, Inventor, Jungle, Kintsukuroi, Klepto, Lawn, Leathery, Library, Liminality, Living Organism, Locked, Loud, Lover, Machine, Magic, Magician, Man & Maker, Marriage of Honor, Marsupial, Maze, Mentor, Merchant, Metalloid, Miasma, Mine, Mistake, Monk, Monster, Mother Earth, Mountain, Necro, Negligible, enescence, Ocean, Origami, Orphan, Paid, Parasite, Patchwork, Peacekeeper, Pet, Physical Dependency, Progeny, Prostitute, Puppet, Recovering, Rescued Stray, Rival, Rust, Salt, Scales, Scar, Scavenger, Seeing-Eye, Shadow, Shipwreck, Sigil, Slippery, Sound, Stained Hands, Statistic, Sticky, Stockholm, Tangled, Tattoo, Temple, Terraformed, Threshold, Time, Torn, Traitor, Trickster, Unequal, Unstable, Velvet, Vibrating, Volcano, Wandering, Wanted, Water, Web, Wild, Wind, Wood, Woven, Yin & Yang, Your _____'s _____


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