Laura Shanae Crenshaw is the founder and CEO of Mythulu, Inc., a publishing company that aims to rid the world of remakes and slushpiles. 

Laura earned a Bachelor’s in Business Entrepreneurship from Arizona State University. A three-time nominee and top-five semifinalist for the Turken Award, Laura is also passionate about the economics of art. Bringing efficiencies of business-at-scale into the highly independent world of writers. Her goal is to end the “starving” part of the artist profession and help all writers thrive in business as well as storytelling.

Laura ghostwrote NEVERBOSS in 2018 on behalf of her father, Kevin Crenshaw. She has two more ghostwriting books underway, Failure for Breakfast with Kevin Crenshaw, and Sugarproof Daddy with Jeremiah Webb, respectively. Her specialization lies in narrative non-fiction (making self-help books wildly entertaining to read). She champions giving great thinkers a voice but will be retiring from ghostwriting once these contracts are complete so she can devote 100% of her time to Mythulu. 

Before founding Mythulu, Laura worked as a wilderness therapy trail guide for the Anasazi Foundation from January 2012 to November 2013. She was a certified Wilderness First Responder for 5 years through NOLS. These experiences in the desert assisting at-risk youth and young adults through both medical and personal crises have left a permanent impact on her. Although long-haul outdoor adventures have been back-burnered to vacation hobby status, she enjoys helping individuals navigate challenges with courage and pursue their inner greatness whenever the opportunity arises. 

Laura is a spitfire advocate for identity discovery issues including LGBTQIA+, psychotropic medications, ED recovery, antifragility, unabashed sex-positive conversation, cult escape, atypical relationships—as well as social issues like local hunger relief and environmental health. These topics are thinly veiled in her fiction, and she looks forward to releasing her debut, Written in Our Bones.

She reads voraciously and enjoys razor-sharp non-fiction as much as innovative fiction. Her current hobbies include scuba diving, leviwand fire flow, and photography.