Mythulu Creation Cards Pack B


Say hello to creative flow

Mythulu fuels your muse with high-concept seeds that ignite your storytelling voice. Challenge the stagnant pool of tropes that clutter the market. Find the story only you can tell.

Whether you're designing characters for a game or novel, Mythulu cards help you generate wildly original plots and bust out effortless details with professional precision. This is raw story theory in an interactive form.

The Deck Categories


The foundation for worldbuilding, magic, science, and authentic awe. Each card includes literary symbolism behind the element so you can layer subtext intentionally into your games or stories.


External metaphors for internal states of mind. Reveals imbalance in body vs mind, self vs others, survival vs ambition.


Identities—titles, labels, professions—reinforced by how people spend their time. Covers all five levels of Maslow's hierarchy with a diversity of coping mechanisms at each level.


Conditional connections that describe the flow of energy between two parties. We looked for relationships with inherent conflict, high stakes, and relatability.


Words you didn't know existed, describing real-life phenomena you didn't know were possible. Every trait changes the way your character, creature, or race interacts with the world.


Multi-sensory details designed for impatient modern readers. These meaningful tactile layers change the way characters interact with an object, which can foreshadow, reveal hidden motives, and even impact the plot.


Mythulu cards came from hundreds of hours of research. Starter Pack B contains 150 universal found in civilizations and genres all over the world. They are gleaned from folktales and cross-disciplinary research by Kahneman, McCloud, Gottman, and Maslow. Beyond fiction, these are principles of the human experience.
While Starter Pack A provides a foundation of popular archetypes, Starter Pack B shines the spotlight on unsung but essential supporting characters, biomes, elements, and interactions that bring conflict, purpose, and sparkle to our lives.
After a master list was gathered for both packs, the descriptions and goals for each deck were refined using storycrafting principles taught by Robert McKee, Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, Craig Chalquist, Stant Litore, and Aristotle. 

Card-by-card support:

Our app contains extra decks + guided drawings! Bonus commentary for every card in progress.

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“Under what circumstances could...?”

“Why might someone...?”

“What would it look like if...”

For example, if you’re drawing to randomize seasonal weather and you draw NECRO and BONE, the first thought that comes to mind is “Every spring it literally rains dead bodies”. That’s weird.

BUT WHAT IF IT DID? What would the impact be on the world? On psychology, trade, religion? What started it? What kinds of bodies? Would you try to stop it? If you couldn’t, how would you adapt?


+1 Trait or Texture can be added to any drawing

Adult Character:

Profession: 2 Characters + as needed to expand
Best & worst relationships: 2 Relationships
Impact of each: 2 Traits 


Appearance: 2 Textures
Affinity: 1 Element 
Habitat: 1-2 Habitat
Role in Habitat: 1 Character


Who it was built for originally: 1 Character
Materials: 1-2 Element
Sensory immersion: 1 Texture


Disposal method: 1 Element
Last to touch the body at funeral: 1 Relationship
Disenfranchised grief: 1 Relationship
Method of remembrance: 1 Texture

Child Character:

Habitat that shaped them: 1 Habitat
Most important relationship: 1 Relationship
Pivotal memory (x3): 1 Random + 1 Trait for impact on child

Character Arc:

Where they start: 1 Character
Where they end: 1 Character
Catalyst for change: 1 Element
What stays constant: 1 Relationship


Symptoms: 1 Element
Vector: 1 Relationship

Episode In A Series:

1 of each


Who they’re trying to impress: 1 Character  or  1 Relationship
Material they’re imitating: 1 Element
Actual material: 1 Element
How wearer wants the world to interact with them: 1 Texture

Gender Roles:

Function in society: 1 Character
Person most affected: 1 Relationship
Stereotypes: 1 Texture  and 2 Traits 


2 Habitats2 Traits, and 2 Textures


Traits of race:  2 Elements, 1 Trait, and 1 Habitat
Relationship to other races: 1 Character and 1 Relationship

Rite of Passage:

Strength sought: 1 Character
Reason for rite: 1 Relationship
Trial: 1 Element1 Habitat, 1 Character   (best 2 of 3)


1-2 Elements , 1 Texture  per season


What enemy is using:  1 Element
Who gave you your weapon: 1 Character
Weapon itself:  1 Element1 Trait1 Texture
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