Magazine Publication Terms


Mythulu eMagazine pays 0.08/word BASE PAY + the ability to boost earnings with our contributor-exclusive affiliate program, which we strongly encourage. Comics pay $45/page. A.I. Art pays $10/page.

No Exclusivity Period

If readers love your work, we want it to go viral. We only request first right to publish (so we don't get blocked by another publication). Once we launch an issue, you can resell any article (both fiction / non-fiction) immediately.

Contributor-Exclusive Affiliate Bonus

Send us readers who subscribe or purchase an issue—you'll earn 10%.

One-Time Use

One-time payment only gives us the right to use your work in a single issue and maintain that issue in archive. If we want to re-publish your work in a "best of" collection or anthology, we will request permission and pay you again.

Same Day Payment

Payment upon acceptance. You recieve payment the same day your piece is accepted and your contract signed.

eMagazine Codes

Since we're electronic, you get a copy of the eMagazine + codes to share the full eMagazine with 5 other people. If we ever do a print run, you will also recieve a complimentary copy of that issue.

Negotiable Terms

We're open to suggestions. If you can think of better terms we can offer our contributors, we'd love to hear them. Please contact us at [email protected].


Accept payment in proportion to the value we provide. Only extend contracts we’d want to sign.


Everyone works. Everyone gets paid.


Strive to reduce wasted effort everywhere. Embrace technology as a creativity-enhancing tool and a dare to improve ourselves.


Live what we preach. Tell the truth, even when it’s hard. Reward honesty. Work on things we’re proud to share.


Kindness over tradition. Honesty over idealism. Invest in people, not projects. Create the most passionate, safe, inclusive, ambitious workplace in the storytelling industry.

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