Mythulu is the trusted adviser and counselor to some of the world's most influential writers. We can turn any story into a high-concept story.

Confidentiality is important to all our clients, especially when they are working on major projects behind closed doors. Rest assured, what you share or discover in our consultation is safe.

Rapid Intervention

30-minute fix for small holes when you're on a roll. Online only.


Plot Therapy

Suitable for problems spanning multiple chapters. Get help worldbuilding, give your plot direction, or fix incompatible story segments.

2-3 hours of hardcore cleanup. We stick with you until you feel relief.


Team Retreat

For group projects only. Suitable for TV show full-season development, or series arc discovery.

2 full days of high-intensity progress. Off-site recommended. Spas are cool.

2500 + per diem


Book a consultant to serve your conference, workshop, or retreat attendees. We offer 15-30 minute rapid consultations to your crowd on demand.

2-day minimum.

Please call so we can coordinate scope.

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