HALF Core Decks (150 cards) – Starter Pack B

This product will be released via Kickstarter in July 2021! Go ahead and purchase Pack A now. We'll notify you when our Pack B Kickstarter launches.✌


This product will be released via Kickstarter in July 2021!

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Contents (150 cards total):

  • Elements – 25 cards
  • Habitats – 25 cards
  • Characters – 25 cards
  • Relationships – 25 cards
  • Traits – 25 cards
  • Textures – 25 cards
  • Instructions booklet
  • Rigid box for holding decks

All cards in this set are the SECOND HALF of the Core Decks. To complete this set, make sure you have STARTER PACK A.


What’s the difference between Starter Packs A and B?

The main difference is in the Characters deck. Starter Pack A contains major character archetypes commonly used for main characters (like Inventor, Healer, Monster). Starter Pack B contains supporting archetypes (like Oracle, Anti-hero, and Gardener). These packs work best in combination, but if you start with only Pack B, you might have difficulty fleshing out your main characters.

Additional information

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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