Slush Pile

Privacy. Speed. Freedom. Our patent-pending algorithm sifts through your slush pile in minutes and highlights likely gems.

Ethical AI

Our slush algorithm is NOT powered by ChatGPT. We pioneered a "lingo-stimatic" theory that turns nuances of the human reading experience into statistical expressions. All training for our AI model is opt-in.

Tailored Results

Prioritize what matters to you in a manuscript. Using custom weights, project themes, and agency goals—or use the darkhorse feature to reward ANY indication of quality.

Relationship Tracking

Repeat submitter? Met in person? Previous red flags? We track it all GLOBALLY, favoring persistence, inspiring noobs, and creating accountability for professional behavior.


Results driven by neuroscience, not grammar or trend-matching. Our system is novelty-favoring and estimates quality without judging the topic.

Data Control

Edit any field. Delete your data anytime, no fuss. All data is backed up and heavily protected. We also vet 3rd party partners to meet our data privacy standards.

Automated Feedback

Declined submissions get data-driven performance reports. Clear feedback fast-tracks author growth, and transparency holds us accountable for our engine's choices.

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