Custom Voice Deck


We will create a custom Mythulu deck for you. Over 3 sessions of casual, private interviews, we identify your pivotal memories and convert them into a set of 50 cards that epitomize your Author Voice.
Every image is unique and confidential. No other deck in the world has this art, and no one but you knows what’s in your deck.
You will receive two copies of gilded, UV-embossed cards: one for personal use, and one “gifting” set, so you can give away individual cards when you meet people who share a rare experience or perspective.
This is the crowning jewel of Mythulu card offerings: A celebration of your life journey and the ultimate tool for finding stories only you can tell.

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Please allow 6-8 months for the deck design process. To brainstorm the right cards, our conversations need to simmer in your mind.  It also often takes a few months to build up the familiarity and emotional safety necessary to discuss your most important memories.

During our interviews, I will identify key Voice moments as I see them. As you get a feel for what we’re doing, you will start to get the hang of what needs to be in your deck. We’ll curate a list together.

As part of the process, you will be asked to gather personal photos for artistic reference. 30-40% of the images will come from actual photos you already have. I will use Mythulu’s art engine to enhance and repaint those pre-existing images in the Mythulu style.

We will customize the remaining art, generating, sourcing, collaging, or commissioning pieces as necessary to complete the deck. By purchasing a Mythulu Voice Deck, you express a clear understanding that AI art will be used to produce some of the art, and that pre-existing art will be repainted using a different, private AI process. Purchasing means you agree to the production of AI art and to its usage on your final printed deck. Mythulu retains copyright on all images produced for your deck.

NOTE: This is not an agreement to produce a public deck for printing at scale and ultimately for resale. For relabeling and deck collaborations, contact [email protected].


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