Mythulu eMagazine Issue #2 – Horror VS Hemophobia


Survival drives entertainers to provide the best thrill, the most controversial twist. This begs a few important questions:

  • “What impact does gore have on our audiences, for good and ill?
  • How far is too far? Why?
  • How sheltered is too sheltered? Why?”

We’ve gathered opinions from a lifelong paramedic, several horror authors, a history-conscious kid lit author, and a hemophobe—all of which we respect.




  • The Craze, by Matthew Tenwick
  • Inventory Day, by Chrestomathy (October Santerelli & Avery Strunk)
  • Pillars of Deep Focus
  • Interview with an EMT: Liam Downey
  • Meaningful Death as a Character Arc, by Danielle Harward
  • Perspective of a Hemophobe, by Jeff Hallow
  • Randomizing Injuries – Mythulu Creation Cards Tutorial
  • Legacy, by Mike Adamson
  • Solarpunk – New Genre Spotlight
  • 8 Ways Fear of Poverty Makes Entrepreneurs Stupid
  • Guest Editors Invitation
  • Gen Z Column
  • The Cruel Default, by Keith Fallows
  • The Origin of Zombies, by Sarah Crenshaw (Devil’s Advocate)
  • “Cherry Picked” – Rapid Book Reviews
  • Blood on Trial, by Laura Crenshaw (Keystone Article)
  • Thing of Bones, by Trey Henry
  • Hedonic Ambivalence (Research Summary)
  • Submission Calls
  • Honorable Mentions: Matias Travieso-Diaz, Nicola Kapron


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