Mythulu eMagazine Issue #1 – Alternatives to Dragons


Using dragons as our prime example, this issue addresses overuse of cliches in modern literature. While respecting the classics, we ask:

What do dragons contribute to a story? Is there a way to accomplish the same thing without using dragons at all?

Inside, you’ll find three brilliant stories of bold, imaginative monsters. Storycraft articles demonstrate ways to turn basic dragons into unforgettable monstrosities that simultaneously inspire fear and love. Meanwhile, our Devil’s Advocate article proves the power of classics, our business article explains How to Negotiate a Higher Advance, our Mythulu card tutorial flaunts an awesome drawing technique… and more.

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  • The Ocean-Mother’s Lesson, by Nicola Kapron
  • Introducing Your Beast
  • 7 Cures for Cliches, by Laura Crenshaw (Keystone Article)
  • Into the Dragon’s Maw, a comic by Chrestomathy (October Santerelli & Avery Strunk)
  • How to Negotiate a Higher Advance
  • Biased Pool – Mythulu Creation Cards Tutorial
  • The Cheeseburger Test by Calvin Crenshaw
  • Sword & Soul – New Genre Spotlight
  • Aura of Blood, by Andrew Whittaker
  • Fates Worse than Death
  • Tropes are Good, by Nate Crenshaw (Devil’s Advocate)
  • Inevitable Dragons, by Sarah Crenshaw
  • The 4 Types of Writer’s Block (Research Summary)
  • Honorable Mentions: Liam Hogan, C.H. Hung, Jimmy Bernard, Matthew J. Hockey
  • Submission Calls

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