Pack A (2nd Edition)

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Supercharge your stories with the only writing tool backed by research. Create main characters, monsters, settings, traditions, weapons, and more! With over 20 million possible combinations, say goodbye to writer’s block forever.

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Contents (150 cards total):

  • Elements – 25 cards
  • Habitats – 25 cards
  • Characters – 25 cards
  • Relationships – 25 cards
  • Traits – 25 cards
  • Textures – 25 cards

And supporting materials:

  • Additional 150 cards FREE with coupon code in Mythulu’s mobile app (iOs and Android)
  • Rigid box for holding decks


What’s the difference between Starter Packs A and B?

The main difference is in the Character deck. Starter Pack A contains major character archetypes commonly used for main characters (like Inventor, Healer, Monster).

Starter Pack B contains supporting archetypes (like Oracle, Anti-hero, and Gardener). These packs work best in combination, but if you start with only Pack B, you might have difficulty fleshing out your main characters.

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7 reviews for Pack A (2nd Edition)

  1. Tracy Leonard Nakatani

    These cards are SO much fun. And the possibilities are endless. I casually used these cards to help me create a monster and a protagonist for a short story, not thinking much of it at the time. These cards helped me write a peculiar monster as well as haunting protagonist that made an editor fall in love. I never would have found those monsters without these cards. I can’t wait to use them on a full manuscript!

  2. Wayland Smith

    These are amazing. I’ve heard them called Tarot for writers, and I’d agree with that. Absolute bare minimum, they get you to look at characters and situations in a way you’ve probably never thought of before. They’re very thought provoking and remarkably well done on every level, from concept to art to their actual function Every writer has their own unique process, and I will say this about very, very few things. But every writer could benefit from these.

  3. Joshua Essoe (verified owner)

    These cards are an excellent writing tool.
    When Laura and I got together to go over the cards and how to use them, she ran me through the process. I gave her the most generic, tropey fantasy story with the most generic, tropey characters I could think of. It didn’t matter how bad I tried to make it. Using the cards she, seemingly effortlessly, helped me turn every aspect from plot, to setting, to conflicts, to characters, into something unique and worth writing. Frankly, I got really enthusiastic to write the story her cards transformed my trite story details into!
    So not only is it a beautiful and sturdy set of cards, it can also be an incredibly useful tool when you’re stuck, when you want to go deeper, when you want unique details you haven’t been able to think of, or just when you want to start from scratch and create an entirely new story for fun. I heartily recommend them.
    — Joshua Essoe, Editor,

  4. Matthew Tevebaugh

    They are a fantastic tool for any writer.
    I am a bit of a skeptic. When I heard about these, I thought they sounded interesting and thought I would give them a try. The first time I used them, I tried making a story from scratch because I was afraid to use them on my current work. I created a whole island world with interesting characters and magical conflict. I didn’t end up writing the story, but really loved the depth and complexity that I was able to achieve. Then I was worried that because I had used so many of the cards I might have effectively used up their usefulness. Not so. Even when I hit the same card multiple times, my brain goes in a different direction because of the unique combinations. I have used them on every project I have done since, and will continue to do so.

  5. Tanya Hales

    In my opinion, the best writing prompt is the kind that helps you make progress on whatever you’re currently working on while inspiring new creativity. That’s why I love the Mythulu card deck.

    I’ve used these cards to solve problems in several of my novels. They facilitate looking at things a new way as you ask the right questions, all while throwing in the perfect amount of randomness.

    Once, I couldn’t figure out the motivation for one of my main characters. By drawing some cards, I put some interesting concepts together and decided that he’s driven by a fear of death and strives to find the secret of immortality. That fear of death is the main thing he is forced to overcome in the novel.

    I needed a cool setting for a Hunger Games style of competition. Why not an abandoned maze? Already sounds awesome.

    If you want inspiration to help you with character backgrounds, motivations, settings, monsters, magic systems (and interesting limitations for them), then I recommend you seriously consider this deck.

  6. Travis Heermann

    A great concept beautifully executed. Tons of great artwork, which helps spark the creativity these cards are intended to.
    As a writer, I love challenging myself to connect the dots of concept, story and character, and Mythulu helps build fascinating bridges.
    I recommend these for any writer of speculative fiction, whether you need help with character motivation or a bit of brainstorming for worldbuilding or alien creatures.

  7. Andrew (verified owner)

    I’m thrilled to have this set. Beautiful artwork, easy-to-understand concept, fuels the imagination. My pack was somehow lost during the shipment and Laura quickly sent me a new one. Excellent customer service. Thanks!!

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